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“The Anderson Marsh Interpretive Association (AMIA) serves the interpretive needs of Anderson Marsh State Historic Park, at Clear Lake in Lake County, California. Through memberships and fundraising, the association supports many park interpretive programs. These programs include restoration of the 19th century ranch house and ranch complex, trail development, living history, and cultural and natural resource preservation. California State Parks has a valuable relationship with more than 80 cooperating associations authorized pursuant to Public Resource Code 513. These non-profit charitable organizations are dedicated to enhancing the educational and interpretive programs in California State Parks. Associations are related to, but independent of the state parks they serve.” “The Anderson Marsh Interpretive Association has proven itself to be a valuable asset to the visitors and staff at Anderson Marsh State Historic Park. Join them by becoming a member!”


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The Anderson Marsh Interpretive Association (AMIA) has been in existence for many years with a primary objective of preserving and enhancing the use of Anderson Marsh State Historic Park. Joining as a member will help insure those who wish to protect and conserve this great educational, cultural and environmental resource have the means to do so.




Anderson Marsh State Historic Park contains oak woodlands, grass-covered hills, and Tule marsh. One of the largest groups of people in prehistoric California, the Southeastern Pomo, knew this land as home. Today, descendants of those people still live nearby. Anderson Marsh's archaeological sites hold clues to the lives of the Pomo. Some sites are over 10,000 years old, making them among the oldest in California. The more recent past can be explored at the historic Anderson Ranch, with its nineteenth century structures. The Park contains protected artifacts that span the entire history of humans in this area. A designated nature preserve, the park also protects several vitally important and endangered natural habitats including freshwater marsh, oak woodland, and riparian woodland - a beautiful site to behold full of ancient trees; soaring birds; quiet splendor.


AMIA continues to work to make sure that Anderson Marsh State Historic Park remains open and its cultural, historic and natural resources remain protected. The Partnership Agreement between AMIA and State Parks has kept the Park open and maintained. What is needed next is a stable source of state funding for the Park that will prevent the recurring financial crises that have plagued the California State Park system.

Until such a stable funding source is created, AMIA needs to continue to raise the money necessary to keep the Park thriving. All memberships and donations to AMIA help us to meet our goal of keeping the Park open and safe for the use of the public.

AMIA also plans to continue working with the State to provide monthly Saturday morning Nature Walks & Ranch House Tours, field-trips to the Park for elementary school students, and periodic interpretive events with senior groups and the public.

Please help us protect the Park by making a donation or becoming an AMIA member.

The AMIA Board of Directors welcomes and needs the vision and energy created by widespread community involvement to protect & preserve this American treasure. Please join us.

For more information please call 707.995.2658 or email info@andersonmarsh.org


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